St. Louis Instructors

Mountain View Graduado Cebolinha- (Matt Hawkins) is one of the principal instructors in St. Louis. Cebolinha began training with Capoeira St. Louis in 2003 and has been a vital part of the growth of Capoeira St. Louis. Currently he is teaching classes in Alton, IL and at the Hazelwood, MO location . Cebolinha has traveled intensely to further his knowledge of Capoeira. He has trained in New York, NY; San Antonio, TX; Houston, TX; Gainesville, FL; Champaign, IL; New Orleans, LA; Miami, IL; Phoenix, AZ
Mountain View Graduado Damiao- (Joseph Grey) was introduced to the world of Capoeira in 1998. In 2000, he started training under the supervision of Mestre Jelon; with Professor Borracha as his instructor. Graduado Damiao appreciates the art’s ability to look graceful and agile while simultaneously being an effective martial art. Capoeira has opened doors and opportunities that would not have otherwise been available to him. Graduado Damiao frequently participates in community, educational and cultural events, as well as outreach programs for youth, and tries to share his love of Capoeira with those around him. Graduado Damiao continues to travel to further his knowledge of Capoeira. He has trained Capoeira in Bahia, Brazil; San Antonio, TX; Austin, TX;Gainesville, FL; Kansas City, MO; Champaign, IL; Albuquerque, NM and Vancouver, Canada.
Instructor Beija-flôr- (Keith Wilson) is the Founder and Executive Director of Capoeira St. Louis. Beija-flôr began his informal training of Capoeira in November of 1998 with a small group of individuals that had an interest in the art form of Capoeira. After traveling to various workshops of Capoeira throughout the U.S. and Canada Beija-flôr realized that an authentic instructor was needed to learn this art. In 2000, with the help of Mestre Jelon Vieira, he started the process to bring Contra-Mestre Borracha from Brasil to St. Louis. Beija-flôr trained with Contra-Mestre Borracha from 2000 to 2005. Under the supervision of Mestre Jelon and Contra-Mestre Borracha, Beija-flôr began instructing Capoeira classes at Saint Louis University in 2001. To further the progress of Capoeira in St. Louis, Beija-flôr founded Capoeira St. Louis, a non-profit organization in April of 2001. After Contra-Mestre Borracha moved to Gainesville, FL in 2005 Beija-flôr became one of the full time instructors for Capoeira St. Louis. Beija-flôr has traveled to the following locations to further his knowledge of Capoeira(New York, NY; San Antonio, TX; Houston, TX; Gainesville, FL; Kansas City, MO; Madison, WI; Champaign, IL; Springfield, IL; Bloomington, IN; Vancouver, Canada; New Orleans, LA; Milwaukee, WI.





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